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Field Services

The field services team is trained and equipped to deal with a wide variety of sampling projects. The team equipment includes 4 wheel drive vehicles, boats, Hydrolab multimeters, variable speed peristaltic pumps, flow proportional composite samplers, discrete composite samplers and hand equipment such as ponar dredges and Kemerer bottles. Sampling is conducted according to FDEP-SOP-002-001. The team includes members with HAZ-MAT training.

Areas of sampling expertise include the following matrices:
  • drinking water
  • surface water
  • groundwater
  • plant outfalls
  • sediments
  • ground dewatering
  • class III marine water

A special capability available from BenchmarkEA is sampling and analyses of class III marine water and related sediment. This capability primarily applies to permits for marina construction and includes conducting 24 hour diel measurements and multidepth sampling of water columns. In addition, the laboratory has developed low detection limit methods for nutrients and metals in salt water. The project reports are complete and ready for our clients to submit to FDEP.

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