Benchmark Enviro Analytical
Key Staff

Technical Management

Members of our technical managerial staff are degreed scientists with extensive management experience. BenchmarkEA's laboratory director and co-founder has a PHD in organic chemistry and is intimately familiar with the laboratory operations. The laboratories are supervised by two laboratory managers and two laboratory supervisors. Our managers and supervisors are assisted by two quality assurance officers. Laboratory supervisors train all analysts and provide guidance for the daily testing regimen.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance officers, who report to the laboratory director, assist laboratory supervisors in training personnel and ensuring the highest quality product. The management team works together to meet the company objective of providing "correct results the first time, on time."

Field Sampling

Our field sampling manager has a biology degree and over 15 years experience with BenchmarkEA. Field sampling personnel are experienced in sampling clean-up sites, industrial sites, ground water, surface water and sediment. The sampling team has expertise in sampling and field measurements for marina installation permits and "dirty hands - clean hands" ground de-watering permits. Members of the team are also trained in hazardous waste operations. All field sampling measurements and record keeping are performed according to Florida Department of Environmental Protection SOP's.

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