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BenchmarkEA recognizes that quality is the ultimate consideration when clients evaluate the reported product. BenchmarkEA has made Quality Assurance an integral component of our daily performance in recognition of the high value clients attribute to the quality of the analytical product.

  1. Our laboratories are NELAP accredited by the Florida Department of Health. Accordingly the facilities operate under the NELAP quality system.
  2. The laboratories operate under NELAP approved management documents that include a Quality Plan and Standard Operating Procedure. The operating documents and their implementation are evaluated during on-site NELAP assessments.
  3. Generated analytical data is evaluated at several levels.
    • At the first level the analyst and supervisor evaluate the raw data and quality control results. At this point a decision is made to either submit the raw data to the quality assurance officer or perform corrective action.
    • At the second level the quality assurance officer examines quality control results for acceptance based on established control limits. At this point a decision is made on whether to proceed to report construction or take corrective action.
    • At the third level the final report results are compared to project history (if applicable) and the decision is made whether to issue the report or check the unexpected results.
  4. Our laboratories are certified in three categories: 1. drinking water, 2. non-potable water and 3. solid and chemical materials. Proficiency testing is conducted bianually for the analytes in these categories. Proficiency test scores for 2017 are summarized in the table below.
PT Test
Total #PT's
PT's passed
Non-potable Water 525 517 98.5
Drinking Water 355 351 98.9
Solid and Chemical 78 77 98.7

In addition to the NELAP fields of testing described above our laboratories also perform testing on blind samples submitted by the laboratory quality assurance section and by corporate and governmental clients.

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